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Open all Year Perfect for Beginners !             Every Sunday between 12 noon and 1. 45pm           Fully qualified coaches


If your a novice or beginner and would like to try a Learn to Skate session all you need to do is turn up on Sundays between 12noon and 1.45pm and let our coaches do the rest!!



Our Learn to Skate session on Sunday afternoons is the best session for beginners. This certificated programme offers 45 minute compulsory group tuition (12.15pm - 1.00pm) from our resident coaches, then 45minutes of free ice (1.00pm - 1.45pm) to allow the skater time to practice what the coach has delivered. This session is an ideal introduction to ice skating which will help build your confidence to attend more advanced sessions.

Who is my coach?

You can be safe in the knowledge that all the coaches teaching at Learn to Skate sessions are fully qualified. All our resident coaches are certificated through the National Ice Skating Association (NISA) , the sports governing body and carry all the necessary insurances that you would expect. Our head coach is Alice Fell and she brings a wealth of coaching experience. Alice has also been elected to the governing body's Coaching Technical Committee.


Contact for further details


Mark your level of achievement by purchasing either a grade level certificate or colourful badge, these being available from our coaches


Please have a look at our Skating School Page for further lessons



Sinead and John Kerr 7 times British Ice Dance Champions outside Murrayfield with their Choreographer Peter Tchernyshev.




Sitting down and standing up     Moving backwards     T stop     Forward Chasses (both directions)     Forward Crossover (both directions)  


Moving forward Snowplough stop Forward inside curve (R&L foot) Forward 2 foot turn 2 foot spin ( minimum 1 rotation)


Walking round in a circle     Skating forwards across ice (minimum half way)     Forward sculling (bubbles or lemons)     Backward skating followed by a 2 foot glide     Backward 1 foot balance in a straight line (R&L foot)  


2 foot glide bending knees 2 foot glide on bend (both directions) Backward sculling (bubbles or lemons) Forward outside curve (R& L Foot) Backward skating with a plough snow stop
      Forward 1 foot balance in straight line (R&L foot)      
2 foot slalom across the ice Continuous forward inside curves Forward inside Mohawks (R&L foot) Forward inside three turn, push forward, cross, continue and repeat on alternate foot Simple step sequence
  Backward Chasses (both directions)     Continuous forward outside curves     Forward drag     Continuous backward inside curves (minimum 2 on each foot)     Forward crossovers in a figure of eight pattern  
  Forward outside three turn (R&L foot)     Forward inside three turns (R&L foot)     2 continuous forward outside three turns (R&Lfoot)     Continuous backward outside curves (minimum 2 on each foot)     Backward crossovers in a figure eight pattern  
Stepping backward and forwards (both directions) Backward crossovers (both directions) 2 backward crossovers with a sustained back outside edge (R&L foot) 2 backward crossovers with a sustained back inside curve (R&L foot) Forward outside - inside change of edge (R&L foot)

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