Educational Visit

Our aim is to encourage children to become more active by taking part in ice activities that they will find both fun and engaging. At Murrayfield we have some fantastic offers for children to learn all about the world of ice and to introduce them to ice skating. Whether it’s for an end of term activity or a regular booking as an alternative PE lesson with one of our fully qualified professional ice skating coaches we will tailor the visit to suit your needs.  

Scouts Ice Skating
Girl Guides Ice Skating

Learn and have fun at the same time!

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What the Pupils say


"Thank you very much for the lovely time at the Ice rink, I enjoyed it very much. I didn't know that an Ice rink would have that many pipes! I think that Murrayfield Ice Rink is probably my favorite. I would love to come again".

Discover the World of Ice

Murrayfield Ice Rink is pleased to offer to any school in and around Edinburgh a great opportunity to discover and learn about the World of ice.

Throughout the school year we welcome classrooms, taking them on a FREE Educational Visit around the building, which boasts a great deal of history as well as modern technology. The groups will be taken on a guided tour experiencing first-hand what it takes to have ice all year around and how to keep it in a condition for all the different on-ice activities. Murrayfield Ice Rink has served the community of Edinburgh and the Lothians for over 60 years and we are not planning to stop anytime soon. This is why we offer the schools this FREE Educational Visit giving the teacher an additional learning tool for parts of their curriculum. Why not try a Taster Session after your tour.

Get Your Skates on
Active Schools


Nursery and Primary 1

  • 30 mins of ice skating with a coach

  • safety equipment provided

  • Only £90 per classroom 

Primary 2 to Secondary 3

  • 30 mins of ice skating with a coach

  • 20 mins disco 

  • safety equipment provided

  • Only £75 per classroom 

Youth Groups

  • 30 mins of ice skating with a coach

  • safety equipment provided

  • Only £90 per group 10 +

For more information please download our School bookletFree visit brochures or to make a booking, please contact us at or 0131 337 6933 and we will take care of the rest...


Ice skating is a great way to stay stay fit and active whilst having fun at the same time. Our Offers are designed so that EVERYONE can enjoy Skating in the heart of Edinburgh at affordable prices. All ages and abilities are welcome so get your skates on!

Healthy Lifestyle


"Whether you simply want to try ice skating for a bit of fun, or aim to skate competitively, this enjoyable winter sport offers a number of key health and fitness benefits.


Improving joint flexibility through ice skating - If your leg joints creak every time you rise from your bed in the morning, ice skating could offer a real solution. With its emphasis on quick foot movements and supple knees, your leg joints will receive a great workout and hopefully feel more flexible in no time.

Boosting the cardiovascular system through ice skating - Ice skating may not appear the most obvious way of boosting your cardiovascular system, but an intensive session could really work out your heart and lungs, feeding muscles with oxygen more efficiently.

Keeping mentally fit through ice skating - Although offering a number of physical benefits, ice skating is equally useful for improving mental fitness.  Requiring high concentration, strong memory skills and spatial awareness, your mental attributes should develop the longer your ice skating training goes on.

Better balance through ice skating - If you normally topple over at the drop of a hat, ice skating could really help you improve your balance through fun and positive exercise. Travelling across an incredibly slippery surface should quickly train you to stay on your feet; otherwise you'll be crashing to earth with a bump and receiving an icy reception!"