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Time to Skate , Learn, Practice, have Fun and Socialise

Murrayfield Ice Skating Club is the oldest ice skating club in Scotland and has taken an active part in all levels of ice skating since it was founded in 1957. As well as encouraging competitive skating by organising and running competitions the Club helps non skaters by running group tuition classes.The Club has a friendly family atmosphere where you are able to 'try' the Club Session out before you join. The guest rate for admission is more expensive than if you are a Club member, however, you can skate at the Club as a guest up to 4 times. (If you decide to join as soon as your application form has been handed in you pay the same as Club members).

The Club sessions are on Sundays from 10.00am to 12.00noon at Murrayfield Ice Rink. During which time you can learn to skate and ice dance. The Club employs one of the Resident coaches to teach a half hour beginners class each week.  Also many of the "Older" Club members are only too willing to give you some assistance - all you need to do is ask. As well as the General skating periods there are two 15 minute dance intervals in which you can either participate or have a rest and watch. Check out the Club times for more details. The Club also organise the annual Murrayfield Open skating competitions held in May and the twice yearly Learn to Skate competitions.

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