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Approximate class times;

Monday – 4.15 pm Children Beginner – Level 4
Tuesday – 9.30 am Adults Beginner – Level 9

Wednesday – 4.15 pm Children Beginner – Level 9
Saturday – 9.30 am Adults & Children Beginner – Level 9

The Skating School was established over 6 years ago and they deliver 5 or 6 week courses during the school term which provide a fun and positive experience. Hundreds of people have now participated in the school programme and will receive a certificate of achievement on completion. Group tuition all through the week for all ages and all abilities. that will instill a lifelong love of skating Don't wait, join up now to have FUN whilst learning a lifelong skill.

The Skating School classes need to be booked in advance and are delivered by registered licensed coaches. When you book onto one of these classes you will learn the basic fundamentals of skating starting with moving forwards and gradually working through the Skate UK levels, which our coaches use as guidelines to coaching. Mark your level of achievement by purchasing either a grade level certificate or colourful badge, these being available from our coaches. Ask a member of ice rink staff in the Box Office for a registration form.

Please Note: Applications for Skating Schools are on a strictly first come first served basis, please print out the form in Colour and return the form with payment (only cash or cheques accepted). Forms should be returned to Murrayfield Ice Rink before the closing date... 

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These classes are a natural progression onto Murrayfield SKATING ACADEMY to advance your potential and needs in your skating. Please email for information on upcoming courses.

Murrayfield Skating School organise group courses for adults and children who would like to learn to skate. Groups run during the Edinburgh school term time and the 5 or 6 week courses must be pre-booked and paid. Each week participants receive 30 minute group tuition in small groups, practice time and skate hire if required.

Classes are designed using the British Ice Skating Learn to Skate Programme and badges and certificates can be purchased once a level is achieved. Our courses include beginner to SkUk L10 skaters.

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murrayfield skating academy

"I really like how the academy sessions give me more time on the ice with the coaches. It means that I don't always have to wait until I have a private lesson with my coach until I can ask a question."


Murrayfield Skating Academy was created to fulfill the needs of skaters from all areas who deserve the direction and attention required to be successful. Whether your personal goal is a gold medal or just to fully realise your potential, Murrayfield Skating Academy can help. The Skating Academy provides effective skater development programmes which feature both on and off ice classes. These programmes provide our skaters with the structure and planning needed to accelerate growth and development while offering excellent value for money

Coaching Plans

Each Murrayfield Skating Academy student receives and individualised coaching plan designed to accelerate development of skating skills and technique.

Group Lessons

The group lessons are run by academy coaches and, as well as being great fun, provide a fantastic way for students to benefit from extra coaching time in a cost effective manner.

Off Ice Training

All our students are taught about the importance of off-ice training for balance, strength and technique. These supervised sessions are in great demand.

Murrayfield Skating Academy is designed to offer an effective development programme offering both on and off ice classes. They provide skaters with a flexible, value for money programme which provides the skaters with a structure to develop their skills in a constructive and fun environment. All the coaches are fully qualified by British ice skating, first aid certified, PVG checked and hold Relevant insurance. Additionally they regularly complete safeguarding courses and attend British Ice skating conferences at least every 3 years. The Murrayfield Skating Academy coaches are all self employed.

How many sessions a week are recommended?
Skate UK Skaters : 1 or 2 15 mins lessons if desired.
Skate UK Star Skaters : 1 or 2 15 or 30 minutes lessons.
Competetive Skaters : 3 x 15 or 30 minute lessons.
Talent Skaters : Your coach will advise based on your age and level.

Lesson time should be split across different days allowing skaters the opportunity to practice and perfect skills they have learnt to effectively progress. 

I have over 40 years of coaching experience and am currently retained as a NISA National Technical Specialist. 

As a coach I have taken skaters to the World and European Championships. I have also coached several British Champions at both junior and senior levels. 

Personal lessons with Alice are strictly by appointment

Alice Fell

 JOHN & SINEAD KERR former Murrayfield Ice Rink regulars

“ In Edinburgh we’re lucky there is a great facility here that you can come and train at, learn, you can become Olympic Champions here it is possible.”  Sinead Kerr

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Skating aids are only used as part the Skating School lessons under the supervision of the coaches and NOT during Public Skating sessions 


Skating Aids
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