Ice Hockey Skates Murrayfield
We stock a wide range of CCM Ice Hockey Skates available in a number of sizes at affordable prices. We can supply, quote and obtain other brands and models on request.


Sweat Suits
Sizes: Youth L to Senior L
Hockey Shirt
Sizes: XS/S/M/L/XL
 From £21
Hockey Socks
Sizes: Junior / Senior
£15 / £18
Shin Pads
Sizes: 9" to 26"
From £30
Shoulder Pads
Sizes: Junoir S to Senior XL
Hockey Shorts
Sizes: Junior S to Senior L
From £48
Jock Strap & Garter Belt
Sizes: Junior & Senior
From £12
Sizes: Medium & Large
From £66
Neck Guard
Sizes: Junior & Senior
Hockey Sticks
Sizes: Junior & Senior
From £18 to £180
Hockey Gloves
Sizes: 9" to 16"
From £40
Elbow Pads
Sizes: Junior S to Senior L
From £25
Hockey Kit Bag
Sizes: Junior & Senior
From £48
Hockey Puck
Street Hockey Puck
Street Hockey Ball
Lace Hook
Stick / Leg Tape
£3.50 / £3 per roll
Mouth Guard
Sizes: Junior & Senior
From £20
Water Bottles
From £6

Please Note: The prices advertised can be subject to change and are to be used as a guide only


MURRAYFIELD RACERS merchandise is available in two different locations within the ice rink. A small selection of Racers stock is on sale in our Skate Shop which is located to the left of the foyer area behind the box office. The Skate Shop can be opened on request by a member of the rink staff. The merchandise Kiosk is located just past the foyer doors overlooking the ice pad and is open during Racers games.