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Ice Hockey Skates Murrayfield
We stock a wide range of CCM Ice Hockey Skates available in a number of sizes at affordable prices. We can supply, quote and obtain other brands and models on request.


Sweat Suits
Sizes: Youth L to Senior L
Hockey Shirt
Sizes: XS/S/M/L/XL
 From £21
Hockey Socks
Sizes: Junior / Senior
£15 / £18
Shin Pads
Sizes: 9" to 26"
From £30
Shoulder Pads
Sizes: Junoir S to Senior XL
Hockey Shorts
Sizes: Junior S to Senior L
From £48
Jock Strap & Garter Belt
Sizes: Junior & Senior
From £12
Sizes: Medium & Large
From £66
Neck Guard
Sizes: Junior & Senior
Hockey Sticks
Sizes: Junior & Senior
From £18 to £180
Hockey Gloves
Sizes: 9" to 16"
From £40
Elbow Pads
Sizes: Junior S to Senior L
From £25
Hockey Kit Bag
Sizes: Junior & Senior
From £48
Hockey Puck
Street Hockey Puck
Street Hockey Ball
Lace Hook
Stick / Leg Tape
£3.50 / £3 per roll
Mouth Guard
Sizes: Junior & Senior
From £20
Water Bottles
From £6

Please Note: The prices advertised can be subject to change and are to be used as a guide only

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