We are pleased to announce that In mid October ice will be laid once again at Murrayfield.


From the start of October the facility will be under the management of a new operating company Murrayfield Ice Arena with the business continuing primarily as an ice rink. Work is currently underway to repair the damage caused by a major brine leak under the concrete pad which occurred in February 2021. The facility has been closed for a prolonged period of time and over the coming months both companies will work closely together to prepare the facility for reopening. 

Murrayfield Ice Arena are excited to take stewardship of this historic venue in the Capital and will work directly and in partnership with all activities hosted in the rink to help ensure ice sports can thrive over the coming years. Stayed tuned for updates from Murrayfield Ice Arena on progress and information on the re-opening. 

The countdown is now on...


Re - Opening October 2022


This powerful new kind of collective experience will come from within, conjured entirely by light and music. The colourful world of the Dreamachine will unfold behind your closed eyes - created by your own brain and completely unique to you. The most complex technology required is the brain itself.

What will you see? What will you feel?

Only you will know, because every experience of the Dreamachine is completely personal.


You might see patterns and shapes, cities and landscapes, or abstract waves of shifting colours. It might feel like a rollercoaster ride, a journey through time and space, or you might even drift into sleep.


A seated, multisensory experience with 360 degree spatial sound, you’ll be able to experience Dreamachine in Edinburgh at Murrayfield Ice Rink, 13 August - 25 September.


Rated ***** The Guardian and The Evening Standard.


Free tickets released in July. BOOK NOW.


Dreamachine is part of UNBOXED: Creativity in the UK.

Produced by Collective Act, presented in Edinburgh by presenting partner, Edinburgh Science as part of Edinburgh International Festival.

Coming to Edinburgh at Murrayfield Ice Rink, 13 August - 25 September


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-   An immersive experience like no other

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Dream Machine LOGO.png