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Jingle Bell Skate - Sunday 24 December 10am to 8pm

We look forward to welcoming you all along to a 10 hour, public skating session on Xmas Eve from 10am to 8pm. Come and go throughout the day and you also may meet Santa and his elves on the ice! 


For just £11 you can skate all day (minus ice cuts) and its a great way to burn a few calories before tucking into your Christmas Turkey

The Iceberg Cafe will also be open, serving food and drinks and the Arena skate shop will also be available to buy last minute gifts.

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Learn To Skate

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Looking for something to do after school? Why not join our 'Learn to Skate' programme? Wednesday / Thursdays, 16:30 to 18:00, Saturday 8.45 am. These mixed age classes from 5 years to adult run in four week blocks, they are great fun, good exercise and a chance to meet like-minded friends.

Skate for Free with the Caps

There will be a free 1-hour skate after every Edinburgh Capitals Saturday home match.  The majority of the home matches will be on a Saturday at 6.30pm

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Ice Club Edinburgh

Proficient Skating Sessions - Attention all Level 8 or above skaters

Ice Club Edinburgh are pleased to announce the following sessions for proficient skaters who are Level 8 or above. The following session times are available to be booked online via the Ice Club Edinburgh Fanbase site.

Tuesday 6am - 7.45am
Friday 6am - 7.45am
Saturday 6am - 7.15am
Saturday 7.15am - 8.30am
Sunday 8am - 9.30am

Skaters do not need a coach to attend but all skaters will be required to skate in a safe and respectful manner. The number of skaters will be limited per session.


Edinburgh Capitals along with Murrayfield Ice Arena will be running a Learn to Play course starting in October.


This is aimed at kids 12 years and younger who are starting out in the sport. There will be a taster session on Friday 6th October 5.15pm. After that, this will be a 4-week course each Friday night at 5.15pm running from 13th October to 3rd November.


As a club, the Capitals are looking to work closely with the Murrayfield Junior system and help the younger kids gain more ice time and make their first steps into the game.



There will be experienced coaches and assistants on the ice to help the children learn the basic skills and rules of the sport. Basic equipment can be provided for beginners if needed.


If this is something that you are interested in then you can book your place through the Fanbase app – Ice Club Edinburgh. Please note there will be limited numbers on a first come first served basis.


If you have any other questions please feel free to contact Scott Neil at the following email address


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Ice Skating Health Benefits


"Whether you simply want to try ice skating for a bit of fun, or aim to skate competitively, this enjoyable winter sport offers a number of key health and fitness benefits.


Improving joint flexibility through ice skating - If your leg joints creak every time you rise from your bed in the morning, ice skating could offer a real solution. With its emphasis on quick foot movements and supple knees, your leg joints will receive a great workout and hopefully feel more flexible in no time.

Boosting the cardiovascular system through ice skating - Ice skating may not appear the most obvious way of boosting your cardiovascular system, but an intensive session could really work out your heart and lungs, feeding muscles with oxygen more efficiently.

Keeping mentally fit through ice skating - Although offering a number of physical benefits, ice skating is equally useful for improving mental fitness.  Requiring high concentration, strong memory skills and spatial awareness, your mental attributes should develop the longer your ice skating training goes on.

Better balance through ice skating - If you normally topple over at the drop of a hat, ice skating could really help you improve your balance through fun and positive exercise. Travelling across an incredibly slippery surface should quickly train you to stay on your feet; otherwise you'll be crashing to earth with a bump and receiving an icy reception!" 

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